Pebble Beach Abstract

Posted by Darkelf Photography (Perth, Australia) on 21 August 2017 in Abstract & Conceptual.


When I was taking the previous photo at Djupalonssandur, I also had time to observe the waves moving in and out over the pebbled beach and I though of a possible abstract photo. It was a fun little shoot as I was moving in towards the waves, setting the tripod down, taking the shot and retreating backwards to avoid any larger waves following behind. It took a few attempts to get the kind of water movement and reach into the frame as I wanted. it must have looked rather funny to the people who were walking around the beach near me.

I have been applying myself to try and see more around me in recent photography outings. I always have grand scenes and long exposures on my mind, however, sometimes it can be very beneficial to look around for smaller details and abstract compositions.

I this photo, I wanted for the rushing water to create tentacle like streaks reaching towards the pebbles in the foreground. The black stones provided a great contrast with the white water. The scene was already much a monochrome one and converting it further to black and white helped to emphasise the contrasting textures and motion.

If we ever return to Iceland, this is one of the places where I would like to spend a bit more time. This section of the coast is fascinating with numerous sea stacks, basalt cliffs and other rock formations.

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La Mer qu'on voit danser / Beyond the sea by Anna Cherer


Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
8/5 seconds
ISO 100
35 mm


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