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Heavenly Glow
3 August 2022

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Busy Bee
15 July 2022

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Autumn Sanctuary
12 July 2022

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Purple Dawn
29 June 2022

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Remains of a Different Time
30 November 2021

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Eternal Peace
2 November 2021

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24 July 2019

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Geothermal Power
25 September 2017

Thumbnail image

Pebble Beach Abstract
21 August 2017

Thumbnail image

Queen of The Dunes
17 April 2017

Thumbnail image

Where Hobbits Dwell
10 January 2017

Thumbnail image

local cuisine
31 July 2013

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late summer fishing
21 May 2013

Recent Comments

[email protected]@ on Heavenly Glow

Ana Lúcia on Heavenly Glow
This is just beautiful!

mo.langel on Heavenly Glow
Superb composition and atmosphere!

Lougris on Heavenly Glow
Le monde ainsi est si beau.....

Don Hudson on Heavenly Glow
Glow indeed! This is a beautiful photograph! Love the sky!

Anita on Spirits in the Fog

Akbar&Armaghan on Heavenly Glow
the picture is very skillfully taken as usual my friend beautiful seasides and artistic photography: )

Elaine Hancock on Heavenly Glow
This is gorgeous. It is amazing how dust and other particles in the atmosphere can change the color in the sky and the ...

Ruthiebear on Heavenly Glow
I like the glow of the sky and water. I see why this is a favorite place.

Harry on Heavenly Glow
I love the rich green of the moss on the rocks and the milky water (including the areas where the flow is still ...

Vaido on Heavenly Glow
No wonder about this kind of favourite of yours :) What a great sky you had there, covering the sea and colourful moss ...

Willem on Heavenly Glow
A great photo result, fantastic depth thanks to the beautiful point of view.

Anne on Heavenly Glow
Great composition and light!

Steven on Heavenly Glow
A stunning composition with gorgeous colors, layers and elements from he foreground to the background. What makes this ...

Jean-Louis Guianvarc'h on Heavenly Glow
Une réalisation spectaculaire et magnifique!

daigneault on Heavenly Glow
We don't mind at all :) Bravo! gilles

Hiro on Heavenly Glow
very beautiful

Florence on Heavenly Glow
Spectacular! Breathtaking!

Stephen on Heavenly Glow
Breathtaking, Darkelf. I love the wide angle/long exposure combination and this image makes me want to get back to the ...

Anna Cherer on Heavenly Glow
Superb light and colors in the sky. I like your composition with long exposure on the foreground. Your favorite place ...

ursulakatariina on Heavenly Glow
This is beautiful view, no wonder this is one of your favourite places. 5*

Stephen on Spirits in the Fog
Great choice in black & white, Darkelf, and agree with you that Silver Efex is a very good tool for monochrome ...

Ruthiebear on Spirits in the Fog
I love this image also. The eerie and mysterious mood is fabulous

Elaine Hancock on Spirits in the Fog
I love this image. I guess I could call it layers but the trees that are in the distance in the fog and the ones out of ...

Tomek on Spirits in the Fog
Fog is our friend. :) Beautifully composed.

jeanmadis on Autumn Sanctuary
Sublime !

jeanmadis on Spirits in the Fog
Magnificent restitution of fog, it is the most difficult to do in photographic matters. Congratulations the artist!

jeanmadis on Whispers Between The Rocks
Quelle est belle cette image !

Ana Lúcia on Spirits in the Fog
A lovely light make your image special.

Harry on Spirits in the Fog
Before I read your text, I was ready to compliment you on the interesting grassy foreground, and it is well deserved ...

[email protected]@ on Spirits in the Fog

Jason Kravitz on Spirits in the Fog
oh yeah, that foggy mood works quite well with these elements I hear ya on the mornings, takes some motivating to get ...

Florence on Spirits in the Fog

Willem on Spirits in the Fog
An atmospheric photo in beautiful black and white.

Steven on Spirits in the Fog
A splendid image of these unique trees which all appear to grow lopsidedly. The density of the fog is clearly evident ...

Don Hudson on Spirits in the Fog
Spectacular monochrome - I love the long range of values! Composition is superb! 5*

Vaido on Spirits in the Fog
A great encounter with the fog - my favorite mood-maker :) I love how the trees in the background fade gently in the ...

Vaido on Whispers Between The Rocks
Still haven't had a good chance to play by the sea with such long exposures... Practice makes perfect, for sure. I ...

Vaido on Busy Bee
They are so interesting to take a closer look... And mostly too busy to catch properly :) I spent some days ago also a ...

Vaido on Autumn Sanctuary
Such a great autumn mood. The interesting branches of the tree cover nicely right upper corner, balancing the bench ...

Luca Bobbiesi on Spirits in the Fog
Really a nice shot!

mo.langel on Spirits in the Fog
A very nice foggy atmosphere in a superb BW!

Akbar&Armaghan on Spirits in the Fog
very beautiful and atmospheric photo dear friend.

Catherine (Toscana) on Spirits in the Fog
Une belle idée ce noir et blanc qui convient parfaitement ici.

ursulakatariina on Spirits in the Fog
This is beautiful and really suits for the theme!

Hiro on Spirits in the Fog
very beautiful

Anna Cherer on Spirits in the Fog
Beautiful misty atmosphere ! BW is a good choice for this theme !

Daniel on Spirits in the Fog
Belle atmosphère !

Brian on Spirits in the Fog
A wonderful BW image

: Helen : on Spirits in the Fog
Atmospheric and mysterious. Beautiful shot

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