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Pebble Beach Abstract
21 August 2017

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Icy Calm
16 July 2017

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Queen of The Dunes
17 April 2017

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14 January 2017

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Where Hobbits Dwell
10 January 2017

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Autumn Leaves
6 October 2016

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18 April 2016

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9 January 2016

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25 November 2014

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path of the torii
26 September 2014

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local cuisine
31 July 2013

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late summer fishing
21 May 2013

Recent Comments

Babzy on Vanishing Point
love it ! :)

Babzy on Pebble Beach Abstract
very nice ! :)

Hiro on Pebble Beach Abstract
very beautiful

BiLL on Pebble Beach Abstract
Excellent image. Well planned shot. The water has a smoky look to it.

Vaido on Pebble Beach Abstract
You got the beautiful wave pattern!

Harry on Pebble Beach Abstract
intriguing image

Vaido on Djupalonssandur
Great rock monsters are found there... The contrast between them and a "calmed" sea is beautiful here.

Vaido on Raw Energy
Great power! (I thought, that capturing nature with 70-200mm was more of my area :-)).

Steven on Pebble Beach Abstract
An incredible creation that takes on a hairy characteristic rather than a watery one!! Beautiful capture!!

Elaine Hancock on Pebble Beach Abstract
A fabulous image! It looks like many fingers crawling up to grab the pebbles. I love the black and white! From what you ...

Steve Rice on Pebble Beach Abstract
A beautiful abstract!

grouser on Pebble Beach Abstract
water takes on the quality of cloud. A nice transition from soft to hard and diffuse to crisp

omid on Pebble Beach Abstract
very nice long exposure shot! A M A Z I N G !!!!!

Martine Libouton on Pebble Beach Abstract
C'est vraiment magique ta photo !10*

Existence Artistique on Pebble Beach Abstract
Bel effet

Anna Cherer on Pebble Beach Abstract
Excellent capture of movement and abstract result ! works well in B&W ! I do like it !

Tomek on Pebble Beach Abstract
Beautifully composed.

Annima on Pebble Beach Abstract
Bel effet.

B. Thomas on Djupalonssandur
Amazing shot.

Harry on Djupalonssandur
gorgeous moody scene

Denny Jump on Djupalonssandur
So many words of thanks are owed here...Thanks for the fantastic piece of beauty, here, that you have shared with us - ...

Don on Djupalonssandur
A wonderful exposure has created an impressive sea picture with artistic looking fog. A great shot.

Mireille T. on Djupalonssandur
These ghost-like rocks are stunning in the dreamy water! So beautiful!!!

Ana Lúcia on Djupalonssandur
I really love the long exposure.

vincent on Djupalonssandur
Superbe paysage !!

Elaine Hancock on Djupalonssandur
This is just beautiful! The water around the rock formations is just magical. I love the light in the distance. The ...

Babzy on Icy Calm
i'have been twice to this magical place ...:) great pic !

Curly on Djupalonssandur
Great shot with the big ND stopper. I love the black inkiness of it all.

Steve Rice on Djupalonssandur
A gorgeous long exposure image. Looks like you got everything spot on.

Existence Artistique on Djupalonssandur
bel effet

omid on Djupalonssandur
such beautiful composition, lights & atmosphere! A M A Z I N G !!!!!!

Steven on Djupalonssandur
What looks like could be a rugged terrain you have turned into a tranquil oasis!! Thanks for the "wiping the ...

Dimitrios on Djupalonssandur

Martine Libouton on Djupalonssandur
C'est vraiment magnifique !5*

mo.langel on Djupalonssandur
A very beautiful composition! Superb atmosphere and B/W!

Anna Cherer on Djupalonssandur
Beautiful composition and long exposure in B&W ! I am still interested to know how you manage your shooting with ...

Denny Jump on Raw Energy
A magnificent narrative, sir!! As I resd your text, I began to empathise with the amazing snd exhilerating emotions ...

Evelyne Dubos on Raw Energy
Great capture of the tumult of water! Superb light & rendering. Power of nature!!

omid on Raw Energy
Wonderful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taija Oksanen on Raw Energy
Omg... how wonderful photos you have here :)

Existence Artistique on Raw Energy
C'est du bon boulot et une intéressante recherche

Steve Rice on Raw Energy
Limitless power! It seems that way anyway.

Hiro on Raw Energy
Ah, really energetic !

Elaine Hancock on Raw Energy
This is amazing! A spectacular image. You can just feel the power of water. The sound must have been incredible! My son ...

Martine Libouton on Raw Energy
Wouhaaaaaaaaa Wouhaaaaaaaaa!! Impressionnante et magnifique ta photo !5*

grouser on Raw Energy
it certainly is an explosion of water and a perfect exposure time to capture it

Lena on Raw Energy
very wild, nice B/W, excellent photo.

Elaine Hancock on Rainbow
This is just gorgeous! I love the rainbow!

Steve Rice on Rainbow

Steven on Rainbow
Beautiful "arc of color" that you've captured across this stunning landscape and waterfall!

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