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Legacy of Time

Posted by
Darkelf Photography (Perth, Australia) on 9 June 2020 in Landscape & Rural.


This black and white image comes also from Asturias on the northern coast of Spain, somewhere between Gueirua and Playa del Silencio. It is not the greatest image on terms of technical aspects - it was spur of moment decision to slap on my 70-200mm lens with 2 x telephoto converter to "reach" towards the moody scene in the distance. I had not time to set up a tripod but I still wanted to keep ISO down and prayed that my hands would be steady enough to keep everything in reasonable sharpness.

The technical part was not important though, what was important was that I really wanted to portray the overcast, gloomy atmosphere of this amazing rugged coast. It was the feeling that mattered the most and my reasoning behind the decision to take a quick couple of frames was that often if you dwell on it too much, the moment passes and can never be recovered. It has happened many times before when I just over thought the possibilities and ended up with nothing.

There are times to be technically correct and to pay attention to everything from composition to camera settings. There are also times to just photograph and with experience one can easily adapt to different situations without spending too much time thinking about them. My photography is always more of an intuitive process than carefully planned one. I plan but I do not plan too much. I feel for a composition rather rationalise every single detail in the viewfinder. What I see has to feel right and I have to connect with the scene before it can look good in the final result.

I hope I managed to convey the atmosphere of this particualr moment in my photo. The dramatic rugged coast, worked over by the elements through different time periods felt very suited to black and white with minimal tonal information already in the scene further subdued by the weather and conditions.

Canon EOS 5D Mark III 1/250 second F/8.0 ISO 200 400 mm

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