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Oyndarfjørður Boathouses

Posted by
Darkelf Photography (Perth, Australia) on 26 April 2021 in Landscape & Rural.


There are many beautiful small villages scattered throughout Faroe Islands. They all have this end of the world kind of feel to them, may be even more so than some places we visited in Iceland. The towering mountains and cliffs help to enhance that mood and each village has special character that makes them very endearing. Fishing with sea and coastal activities have been a big part of local life for a long time and in each place you can find something that related to them. This is the harbour in Oyndarfjørður on Eysturoy Island with boathouses lined up along the shore. In the background you can see the very characteristic mountains rising over the fjords on every island in the Faroes.

We had a small break in rainy weather that afternoon, probably the first one in three days and hence I decided to keep the colour in this photo. I love the arrangement of the boathouses as well as the colourful roofs of the village buildings. They immediately stood out in the overcast conditions. There were also lovely autumn hues in the background and it was great to see this side of the Faroes starting to show itself out of the gloom. I was careful in the composition to exclude any distracting elements and that was especially related to being aware of any "foreign" object invading the foreground.

In post processing I decided to keep the colours a little subdued. I still wanted to have that slightly gloomy overcast feel to the scene, which is how it felt at that moment. It would have been easy to start pushing the colours and it still could have looked alright but restraint was my main guiding thought. I think most of us have gone through a photographic period where we wanted the colours just to pop left, right and centre. If you followed a similar path to me and you can relate to it then you will know that afterwards comes a time when one is a little more careful with saturation and vibrance sliders, especially in scenes that originally were less vivid and saturated.

Another element that I have introduced to my processing workflow is colour grading. This is almost the final step of my processing work and I look at the highlights, midtones and shadows closely and shift their hues to fit the overall mood of the scene better. I feel that shadows grading is of particular importance to me and I find that changing them to cooler tones improves tonal contrast and separates them nicely from the rest (in most situations). In this image, I cooled down the deepest shadows a little because I found them too green-yellowish to start with and they just did not represent what I remember of this moment. I then reduced the saturation of the highlights and shifted them away from yellow just a tiny bit. These are small adjustments but they can enhance the mood greatly. I mentioned previously that my processing has become more artistic and this is another step along that particular journey.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 1/40 second F/8.0 ISO 400 24 mm

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