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Dark Harbour

Posted by
Darkelf Photography (Perth, Australia) on 15 June 2021 in Landscape & Rural and Portfolio.


I am staying with today's photo in the darker atmosphere that we encountered in the Faroe Islands. This is another one of those villages with the 'at the end of the world' atmosphere. I suppose the world has many ends so there are many such villages :-) Gjógv is the name of this location and it can be found on the north east tip of the island of Eysturoy.

One of it's main features of interest is a gorge which forms a natural harbour that you can see in today's image. It has been used to that effect by the locals who had built in a number of enhancements such as boat ramp and steps. I am not sure how much use as an actual harbour it still gets these days but it is a great place to visit regardless and it is a fine example of using natural surroundings without the need to alter them too much. It is no surprise that conditions there my be harsh at times, as the village faces just about the open sea and the wind is often unrelenting. The cliffs around the harbour offer some protection but one had to be looking out for any surprise waves entering the gorge. I also had to be aware of changes in tides to ensure that I knew when to step back and get out.

If you read my previous Faroe Islands posts, you would be aware of the thought process that I went through for photography in these darker overcast conditions. It was much the same for this image and my main overall guiding principle when processing images for the Faroes was to try and keep them consistent in terms of mood and overall look when light and conditions were similar. I usually approach each photo on its own merits and rarely try to repeat the same processing for different photos. I follow similar steps along the way but adjustments vary depending on each photo. However, in this instance I kept some adjustments very consistent and these were mainly to do with colour and exposure. If the light was different, I would most likely follow a different path in post processing but in these darker photos I wanted the colour and mood to be very close.

In terms of composition, I chose a view that was right inside the harbour and close to the water edge. I am always drawn to the movement of water, whether it is stream, waterfall or sea, and I look to use that movement in my photography. It was the same in this instance and I was looking for some interesting streaks in the water as well as the flow over the edge to the right forming a nice little waterfall. My composition was also forced a little by the weather. It was much harder to photograph from a higher vantage point because the wind was blowing rain drops onto the lens. This spot was more secluded and calmer which allowed me to take more time and not rush through the photos. I also felt that the cliffs looked a lot more interesting from up close than from a distance.

We loved travelling from one small village to another on the Faroe Islands and the scenery was equally spectacular in each location as well as a long the way. I hope you are enjoying these travels and experiences through my images and as always, thank you all for your continued interest and support.

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV 4/5 seconds F/8.0 ISO 200 16 mm

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